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Meet The Bagel Boys

Brisbane’s Favourite Bagel Company

For the last thirteen years The Bagel Boys have been supplying Brisbane with the tastiest New York style bagels the city has ever seen. All our delicious bagels are mixed, rolled, boiled and baked in the traditional way fresh every day, and this means our customers only get the best.

We’ve been told (by New Yorkers) that our bagels are as good as home. If you want the perfect New York style bagel, give The Bagel Boys a try. We even have gluten free bagels available.

At The Bagel Boys we have a passion for creating great tasting healthy food, and that passion is what we were founded on. We always deliver quality to our customers, both wholesale and instore, and it’s something we’ll never compromise on.

Our traditional kettle boiled bagels are available for wholesale purchase, catering for events/meetings and from our five bagel bars. So if you need to supply your Brisbane café with fantastic bagels, or if your need a tasty breakfast on the go, there’s no one better than The Bagel Boys.

You can find more information on our bagel wholesale service here.

The locations of our bagel bars are available here.

Have some questions for The Bagel Boys team? Just get in contact with us here, we’re happy to answer any queries you may have.